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Import and synchronization of Active Directory users into the STARFACE telephone system. Import of phone numbers (external, internal, fax), name and email address. Automatic creation of groups for phone numbers assigned more than once.sync_Directory_v384.sfm>= 6.5 €

Need to add hundreds of users? Click. Done!

Import users from Microsoft Active Directory (including phone number settings)
Timer-schedule for regular automated execution
Easy to use: Import settings via mouse click
Data protection and function maintenance: Fluxpunkt modules "do not phone home" and are not dependent on the function/accessibility of external license servers.

Active Directory Synchronisation for your STARFACE PBX enables fast import and regular synchronization of your users from a local Microsoft Active Directory.

Users of a specified AD group are imported into your STARFACE including telephone and fax numbers as well as email addresses. Settings of existing users will be updated. A second AD user group can be specified for the import of users with extended rights (administrators).


  • Simple: clear, self-explanatory user interface
  • Investment protection: no dependence on external services/license servers
  • Economical: Purchase once per server. No software maintenance or running costs!

Let's go: Installation

Download the module for your STARFACE version:

Install module via upload and create a new module configuration

Enter the module license key in the module configuration.
(How do I get a module license key?

Supported platforms:

Available languages:

RRP (net):

769 €

Active Directory Synchronisation UVP net: 769,00 Euro

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