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Save some work! Be efficient!

One of the most successful STARFACE modules. The original!
Mass provisioning of user settings
Copying of function keys, rights, and other settings
Configuration of function key areas (function key sets) Set
busy/timeout redirects for all employees (from STARFACE 6.4.3)
Triggering of terminal device provisioning (from STARFACE 6.4.3) Mass
change of user passwords
Time control for regular automated execution
Simple operation: Transfer of settings at the click of a mouse
Data protection and function maintenance: Fluxpunkt modules "do not phone home" and are not dependent on the function/accessibility of external license servers.

Fast mass change of user settings using user templates.

Settings of a template user (e.g. fax sender/phone number, rights, function keys, passwords) can be automatically assigned to a group of users within seconds.
For example, function key sets can be copied and rights can be standardized, which eliminates the time-consuming and manual adjustment of user settings for many system users.


  • Complete: the reference in STARFACE mass administration
  • Simple: clear, self-explanatory interface
  • Investment protection: no dependence on external services/license servers
  • Economical: Purchase once per server. No software maintenance or running costs!

Let's go: Installation

Download the module for your STARFACE version:

für STARFACE ab 6.5 (v376)

Hint: Changes regarding the AD-Import function

Starting with version v376, User Template PRO and Active Directory Synchronisation are developed independently with the goal of faster releases.
User Template PRO no longer contains Active Directory import. The functionality is provided by the new Active Directory Synchronization module.

Enter the module license key in the module configuration.
(How do I get a module license key?


Import users into the system via CSV import or Active Directory import, or create them manually

Each user can serve as a template for the user settings. If sufficient user licenses are available, it is a good idea to create your own template user, since its settings are not accidentally changed during operation.

Define target user group

The users for whom the settings are to be transferred must be members of a user group. The user group is only used for logical grouping during the copying process of the settings and can be deleted again after the process has been completed.

Configuring the User Template PRO Module

Create a module instance and name it with a name of your choice, e.g. "UserTemplate". In the User Template Application tab, select the target user group whose users you want to apply the settings to.

Select a template user. The selected user settings of this user are applied to all members of the target user group.

In the tab "Mass changes" you have the possibility to set the displayed phone number of the target users to their primary external phone number. Otherwise, the phone number is not displayed by default. You can also reset the passwords of all users.


The User Template PRO module changes the Configuration or the Features & Benefits of users within the target user group. When copying function keys, however, no autoprovisioning process is triggered on the terminal device. To transfer the function keys to a terminal device, please use the function "Transfer keys to ..." within the function key configuration of a user. Alternatively, you can log on to hotdeskable mobile devices again to trigger provisioning or reset the mobile device to factory settings.
This behavior is intended and will not be changed, since depending on the terminal device it is not possible to reliably assign the function keys (e.g. if a call is active on the terminal device), manually configured keys on the terminal device are not overwritten in this way and, depending on the terminal device, a restart would otherwise be triggered with loss of the network connection.


Care must be taken when copying user rights ! If, for example, a user with admin rights serves as a template, all users in the target user group also receive admin rights! Conversely, all users in the target user group are deprived of admin rights if the template user does not have admin rights. This way it is possible to withdraw admin rights from all users. Administration of the system is then no longer possible. Admin permissions for a user can only be restored by manually intervening in the STARFACE database.


Basically applies: You can copy and use all function keys that do not depend on properties of the user itself, since these properties may not be available or identical for the target user. If you create and copy a function key in the template user that does not make sense in the target context, a function key is created for the target user, but it is marked as "incorrect".

Function keys that cannot be successfully copied are, for example:

  • Log on/off group
  • Activate/deactivate call forwarding
  • Call number signalling

Copyable without restriction are e.g. BLF and direct dialling keys, idle, park & orbit, DTMF and empty key. The function of these keys is independent of the user.

If, for example, a function key "Activate/deactivate call forwarding" is created for a template user, this refers to the phone numbers of the template user. These phone numbers may not even exist for the target user, which is why the function key would not make sense for the target user. The same applies to signaling phone numbers and - although less obvious - logging/unlogging for groups.
The User Template PRO module abstracts the concrete function key type. That is: The module can also copy function keys from future versions. Whether they also work for a target user depends on the concrete function of a function key.


Frequently asked questions about User Template PRO

General information

Das Modul scheint nicht aktiv zu werden. Welche Ursachen kann das haben?
  1. First of all, the correct license key must be entered in the module. The module log contains a note if the license key is wrong. Please check if you have entered the key correctly without additional spaces and that it is the module license key and not the server license key.
  2. The module must be active.
  3. The user properties to be copied must be selected.
  4. To accept function keys, a function key range must be specified, e.g. "0-max" (for all function keys). If an invalid or empty area is specified, no keys are copied.
  5. In all other cases, please set the log level to Debug or Trace and run the module again. The module log contains information about possible problems.

Cloning/copying function keys

Ich habe das Modul ausgeführt, aber es erscheinen keine Tasten auf dem Telefon

The User Template PRO module changes the settings of a group of users. For the settings, such as function keys, to reach the telephone, it must either be restarted or - if hot desking is supported - the user must be logged on to the terminal device again. Alternatively, the function keys can be copied explicitly to a terminal device via the user settings/function keys.

Woran liegt es, dass manche Tastentypen im Zielbenutzer als "fehlerhaft" markiert werden?

Not all function key types can be copied. See the Restrictions section for details.

Nach dem Kopieren von Funktionstasten ertönt bei deren Verwendung "Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten"

User Template PRO changes the settings of a user and has no immediate effect on the configuration of mobile devices.
By copying function keys with User Template PRO, a target user receives a new function key set that has not yet been copied to the user's end devices. The function keys already stored in the phone point to function calls that may no longer be valid. Pressing one of these function keys on the telephone therefore leads to the error message "An error has occurred" - the function is no longer available under the ID stored in the telephone.

After User Template PRO has been executed, in which function keys are copied, terminal device provisioning must be triggered. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Restart or factory reset of the terminal device (most devices take over a current configuration at telephone start).
  • New registration of the target user on the phone (for hot-desking capable devices (e.g. Yealink and snom), a current configuration is adopted).
  • Trigger the function"Update terminal devices now" (under Admin/Telephones/Settings; the terminal devices are merely restarted by this).
  • Press the"Provision function keys to telephones" key within User Template PRO.
  • Copying the function keys to a mobile device within a user's function key configuration.

Frequently asked questions about our STARFACE extensions


Wie werden Module installiert?


Please download the appropriate module file for your STARFACE version. These can be found under the"Description" tab in the"Let's go" section: Installation" (the module file has the extension .sfm).

Import this file into the module library of your STARFACE via "Install module by upload":

interface of STARFACE
Item Admin
Menu Item
Module Library" tab
Import module" function
"Install module by upload"

The option "Install modules using license key" is only available for STARFACE modules. Third party modules must always be installed by upload!


After importing the module, a module configuration must be created for the module that has just been installed:

interface of STARFACE
Item Admin
Menu Item
Module Configuration Tab
New configuration" function key

A description of the configuration options can be found in the documentation of the module.

Upgrade / Downgrade

When an existing module is imported, it is replaced by the uploaded module version, regardless of the version number. This allows modules to be easily updated or reset to earlier versions. The module configuration remains unchanged.

Mein Modul-Lizenzschlüssel wird nicht akzeptiert. Woran kann das liegen?
  1. Please check whether you have a Module-License key in the module configuration and not the server license key of your STARFACE.
  2. Please check whether the module license key belongs to your STARFACE server license. Server license keys as well as module license keys are specified on delivery notes. Module licenses are only valid for the specified server license.
  3. Please check whether you have entered the module license key correctly or copied it into the license field. Make sure there are no additional characters or characters missing. Make sure that the license field is not filled with incorrect data by your browser (form completion). If in doubt, enter the license key with another browser.

This applies to the operation of NFR modules:

The STARFACE installation must have an NFR server- or NFR user license to enable the module function - even without entering a module license key.

Price and ordering process

Was kostet das Modul und wie kann ich es bestellen?

The price of a specific module can be found under the tab"Price / Purchase" on the respective product page. The indicated prices are net prices excl. value added tax.

To order a module license (also NFR), please click on the following button:

Module bestellen

Welche Einkaufskonditionen habe ich als STARFACE Partner?

STARFACE partners with a "Certified" level or higher automatically receive the purchase conditions agreed with STARFACE for third-party modules (or the purchase conditions of a Certified Partner) when ordering via our Wiki.

Hint: Within the framework of the ordering process, only the end customer prices are displayed. However, if you indicate that you are a STARFACE Partner during the ordering process, your order will automatically be billed at partner conditions once your partner status has been confirmed.

Module bestellen

Wie erfolgt die Lieferung der Modullizenzschlüssel?

During the ordering process you have the possibility to enter a delivery and invoice email address. We will send the module license key including a delivery note to the delivery e-mail address, but without quoting prices. The corresponding invoice will then be sent to the invoice email address. As a STARFACE partner, you can have the module license delivered directly to your end customers.

Welche Zahlungskonditionen stehen zur Verfügung?

For module orders we offer invoice payment with 14 days payment term. We reserve the right to deviate from this in individual cases and to demand advance payment.

Habe ich ein Widerrufsrecht?

Only consumers (§ 13 BGB) are entitled to a right of withdrawal from distance contracts (§ 312g BGB). We do not trade with consumers. Our offers are therefore only aimed at entrepreneurs (which is why these are also provided with net prices).

As a STARFACE partner, you receive free NFR licenses for your own use for all our modules. So you can convince yourself of the functionality and demonstrate the functionality to your customers.
Of course, you are also entitled to the statutory warranty rights. In addition, however, we do not grant any rights of withdrawal or revocation.


Wie werden Fluxpunkt Module für STARFACE lizenziert?

Fluxpunkt modules for STARFACE are usually licensed on a STARFACE installation (more precisely: on a STARFACE server license; exception: Insight Analytics). A license is therefore required for each appliance, virtual machine or cloud instance on which a module is to be operated. Therefore, when ordering a module, it is mandatory to specify the server license key with which the module is to function. The server license key is requested during the ordering process. The issued module license key is mathematically related to the server license key and allows operation with exactly this server license.

If the module is to be installed on a STARFACE Free Edition, the hardware ID of the installation must be specified instead of the server license key. You can find these in the console log of the attachment (under Admin/Server/Log File).

Please make sure to keep the server license key when moving a STARFACE installation. If this should change, modules must be licensed again.

Gibt es NFR-Lizenzen der Module für STARFACE Partner?

STARFACE partners from Certified level receive free NFR licenses from us (1 license per module) for using the modules on their own system.

For partner systems with NFR server license:

If an NFR server license is installed on a STARFACE partner system (not an NFR user license!), all our modules are automatically activated and executable without entering a module license. In this case you can simply download and use the modules.

Hint: Please do NOT order a NFR module license in thiscase.

For partner systems with NFR user license:

The following modules already recognize NFR user licenses and are then activated without entering a module license (we plan to extend this to all modules):

  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Blacklist PRO
  • Monitoring
  • Extended Routing
  • AntiFraud
  • HD Ringtones
  • Intercom / Automatic call acceptance with intercom
  • Multi-stage Forwarding
  • Emergency Call & Alerting
  • Privacy for STARFACE
  • Reverse Lookup PRO
  • User Template PRO
  • Group Busy / Group Busy
  • Last Contact Forwarding

Hint: Please do NOT order a NFR module license in thiscase.

Special note regarding the "Insight Analytics" product

Since the product "Insight Analytics" usually involves a certain amount of consulting, configuration and individualization work and we cannot provide this within the scope of free NFR licenses to a large number of STARFACE partners, unfortunately there are no free NFR licensesfor "Insight Analytics".

STARFACE partners can purchase "Insight Analytics" for their own installations at the dealer's purchase price and receive a refund of the purchase price as soon as they can provide evidence of the sale of customer licenses which in total correspond to at least the number of user licenses used by them.
Example: You need a license for 21-40 users for your own use as a STARFACE Partner. You will receive a refund as soon as you sell at least one additional license for 21-40 (or more) users or two licenses for 1-20 users.

Gibt es Demolizenzen / Testlizenzen von Modulen?
Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we cannot currently issue license keys for a limited period of time. Each module license key has unlimited executability.
Since we cannot withdraw licenses, there are no demo or test licenses of our modules. If something does not work as expected, you are of course entitled to the usual defect rights.
Please talk to your responsible STARFACE partner who can test the modules for you and tell you more about your application or scenario.
Wie erhalte ich einen Modullizenzschlüssel?

To purchase module license keys, please contact your trusted STARFACE partner.
STARFACE partners obtain module license keys for customer installations by specifying the server license key either directly from us or via STARFACE.

Module bestellen

Können Module auch auf STARFACE Free-Edition Installationen eingesetzt werden?
Yes. Although a Free Edition does not have a server license key to which the module can be licensed, module licenses can also be bound to the hardware. Therefore, please provide us with the hardware ID of your system when issuing a module license key.
These can be found in the console log under Admin/Server/Log File.
Wie werden Module im Redundanzbetrieb lizensiert?

In the STARFACE license model, STARFACE redundancy licenses behave like full-fledged "normal" STARFACE licenses. Functionally there is no difference - this exists only in the calculation (or not calculation) of redundancy licenses (these are issued by STARFACE free of charge). Primary and secondary systems receive different and independently usable server licenses.

Our module licenses refer to the installed server license of a system. Aredundancy system therefore requires its own independent module license key, which must also be licensed separately (because the redundancy system can in fact be used independently at the same time). The module license key of the primary system will not work on the secondary system (and vice versa).

Important organisational measure (for modules published before 08/2018)

When using the STARFACE redundancy module, after switching from a primary to a redundancy system, the module license key suitable for the system must be re-entered in the module!
Reason: The STARFACE redundancy module transfers the module license key of the primary system to the secondary system as part of regular synchronization. However, the module license key of the secondary system must also be used on the secondary system.

Modules released after 08/2018 include a new license component that supports module license keys that are valid for multiple server license keys.

Updates and Compatibility

Ist mein Modul (Version xy) kompatibel mit STARFACE Version x.y.z?

Information about the compatibility of our Fluxpunkt modules for STARFACE or selected third-party modules with certain STARFACE versions can be found on the corresponding product documentation page. There you will also find the latest downloads of stable module versions.

Information about STARFACE modules (modules of the manufacturer STARFACE) can be found under

Gibt es ein Update für mein Modul?

If you do not find any newer module versions on the product documentation pages, there are none.
Please be patient in this case and visit us again at a later date.
If you want to be informed about new module versions, just subscribe to our Twitter channel.
Please understand that we do not send individual notifications by email or answer questions about possible release dates.

If an update for one of your modules is available, simply download it from our Wiki and upload it to your STARFACE via module upload. STARFACE automatically replaces the older installed module version and adopts the existing settings.

Was kosten Modulupdates für neue STARFACE Versionen? Gibt es "Software Assurance" oder Updateverträge?

We try to adapt Fluxpunkt modules regularly to new STARFACE versions. After an internal test phase, updates are made available for download on the corresponding product documentation page.

Unless otherwise agreed, modules are licensed for a specific STARFACE version upon purchase - a license for a specific module version is purchased accordingly. There is no entitlement to updates, but module license keys are usually unchanged across multiple versions. We reserve the right to provide updates with an update price in individual cases due to new functions or complex adaptations. The update price is then a discount on the new price when purchasing a new module license.

Usually, however, you simply download the latest module version from our Wiki free of charge and use it to update your STARFACE installation. There are no software maintenance or update contracts.


Sind Supportleistungen im Modulpreis enthalten?

No, support services are not included in the module price. You receive support within the scope of support contracts or on the basis of a time account.
You can bundle modules directly when ordering with a support hour contingent at reduced prices. Please contact us if you have purchased a Fluxpunkt module through other distribution channels or plan to do so (e.g. through STARFACE).

We try to answer possible questions in detail in the module documentation or in the FAQ area of the respective module.
The contact person for end customer questions is the assigned STARFACE Partner.

In addition, individual fee-based support is available to you in our support portal or under the email address [email protected] .
Please note that for data protection reasons we will not provide remote support or analysis of logs containing personal data.

Compatibility / Updates

Module versionCompatible with STARFACE version
 v37 5.7 – 5.8
v2786.0Attention: New functions and new license keys (module update subject to charge)
v3106.4.0 – 6.4.1
v3126.4.2.11, This version is only available for installations with STARFACE security update

Fixes a bug that prevents new AD users from being imported.
The operation of STARFACE is not recommended!

Known restriction: No rights are set when importing new users from the Active Directory.
However, these can then be set uniformly with User Template PRO.

v3486.4.3Compatibility update and new functions (execution via button, redirection configuration)
v3606.4.3Bugfix release: When exporting version v348, not all resources of the module were exported, so the ADImport was not functional.
v3666.4.3Bugfix release: Version v360 contains an error that causes internal phone numbers not to be accepted correctly if several internal phone numbers have been assigned to the AD user.


  • Compatibility update for STARFACE 6.5
  • Separation of User Template PRO and Active Directory synchronization.


  • Randomly generated user passwords can be displayed collectively in the module log (depending on the log level)
  • NFR partner systems are now also recognized if no NFR server license is installed, but only NFR user licenses. The module is then automatically executable without a module license key.
  • Communication problems between web interface and backend no longer result in the message "Something went wrong".

You don't have a STARFACE yet?

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