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STARFACE Essentials

Consisting of:

HD Ringtones

Ten modern and business-suited ring tones for all Yealink and Tiptel desk phones.

200 €

Custom Caller ID Signalling

Changes the externally signaled phone number of specified users regardless of their group membership.


Blacklist PRO

User-related, group-specific or global blocking of certain phone numbers.


Short Dial

Central configuration of speed dial numbers, even when using LDAP address books. Supporting overlap digits.


STARFACE Compliance Pack

Consisting of:


System monitoring with Check_Mk, Nagios/Icinga or Server-Eye.


Privacy for STARFACE

Anonymization or deletion of personal data from call lists, voicemails, fax lists and log files.


Call recording

Recording and archiving of calls. Implementation of legal recording and documentation obligations.


Emergency Call & Alerting

Separation of ongoing calls and execution of emergency announcements.


STARFACE Management Suite

Consisting of:

User Template PRO

Apply settings from a user template to a large number of plant users (function keys, rights, redirects, passwords, etc.).


Active Directory Synchronization

Import and synchronization of Active Directory users into the STARFACE telephone system. Import of phone numbers (external, internal, fax), name and email address. Automatic creation of groups for call numbers assigned more than once.


STARFACE Security Essentials

Consisting of:


The protective shield for your STARFACE. Detection of unusual call attempts and protection against expensive plant hacking.


Blacklist PRO

User-related, group-specific or global blocking of certain phone numbers.



System monitoring with Check_Mk, Nagios/Icinga or Server-Eye.


Extended Rights Management

Extended rights assignment for picking up calls.

In development


Consisting of:

Audit PRO

Traceability and logging of administrative events and changes to user settings (redirections, group registration/deregistration, telephone registration/deregistration, changes to presence information, etc.)

In development

Insight Analytics

Statistical (graphical) evaluation of call relevant data.

1.200 €

More Fluxpunkt extensions for STARFACE

This might interest you:

Extended routing

Enhanced routing options based on group membership, called number and line status. Audio hints when selecting alternative lines. Routing of internal telephone number range to the public exchange or to network systems. Routing of system group calls to the ISDN office or to SIP providers (to avoid VPN traffic).

599 €

Group Busy

Busy signalling of groups as soon as at least one group member is on the call.

Automatic forwarding / direct call for incoming calls to the last call partner.

90 €


Automatic call acceptance with intercom.

169 €

Multi-Stage Forwarding

Interruption of multiple redirects with configuration of an alternative destination (e.g. mailbox of the first redirector). Configurable announcement on reaching a certain number of forwardings.

400 €


Specifies the number to be displayed (CLIP) as part of the number to be dialed (using the # separator). Includes Windows command line program for control from CRM/ERP programs.

799 €

Reverse Lookup PRO

Reverse resolution of incoming calls via online phonebooks, external SQL databases or websites. Display of the seriousness of callers by means of scoring.

249 €

Diversion exception with display

Break through call forwarding for subscribers who are themselves the forwarding destination. Breaking through diversions for defined workstations. Display in the telephone display who forwarded a call.

400 €

Wakeup Call

Time-controlled, automated calls with predefined announcements. Perfect for wake-up calls in hotels and restaurants.

249 €

Last Contact Forwarding

Forwarding of incoming group calls to the agent who most recently talked to or tried to reach the caller.

169 €

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