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Global and user-specific white/blacklisting for outgoing calls!

Centrally configurable system-wide blacklist/whitelist
User-specific white/blacklist in the user settings
Group-related call barring: White/blacklisting can be restricted to members of a group
Input of phone numbers either completely or as a pattern
Comments for black/whitelisting
entriesPassword (PIN) for temporary bypassing of a block
Data protection and functional integrity: Fluxpunkt modules "do not phone home" and are not dependent on the function/accessibility of external license servers.

Blacklist PRO examines the dialed number for outgoing calls and checks whether it is included in a configured blacklist. If yes - and if the calling user does not also have a whitelisting entry for the dialed number at the same time - the call is terminated. Optionally, an announcement can be played beforehand, which can be uploaded in the module configuration.

Callers who are affected by a blacklist entry can optionally be put through by entering a password.

The use of a white or black listing can also be restricted to members of a group to be specified.

The module effectively prevents calls to possibly chargeable telephone numbers or unauthorized calls to the office. User-specific whitelistings and a password query allow you to control permissions very precisely.

In order not to lose track of a large number of possible rules, a detailed description can be given for each rule.

In conjunction with Short Dial speed dial numbers can automatically be exempt from blacklisting - even with global blacklisting of all telephone numbers (from version v52 of Short Dial and v64 of Blacklist PRO).


  • Complete: global and user-specific white-/blacklistings
  • Simple: clear and self-explanatory user interface
  • Efficient: Reusability of entered rules
  • Investment protection: no dependence on external services/license servers
  • Economical: Purchase once per server. No software maintenance or running costs!

Getting Started: Installation

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