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When transferring a call to an internal subscriber, the forwarded caller connected to another (possibly external) subscriber.


The operating concept of STARFACE provides that calls from other internal subscriber can be picked up as long as they are in the ringing state (i.e. have not yet been answered).

A prerequisite for the problem described is that an existing call is to be connected to a target person while another call to the same target person is in the call setup. The people involved are:

  • Participant A
  • Participant D

whereas participants A and D can be external participants or STARFACE users.

Participant A and STARFACE user B are in an ongoing call. Participant A is forwarded by STARFACE User B to STARFACE User C, while Participant D calls STARFACE User C.

From STARFACE user B's point of view, the transfer of a call takes place as follows:

  1. Press of transfer key: original call with Participant A is put on hold (music on hold is played)
  2. Press of the BLF key:
    1. Participant C is available: A new call is established for a consultation call or for a blind transfer between B and C (call with Participant A remains on hold).
      1. Press of transfer key or hang up key: held Participant A is connected to target user C .
    2. User C is in the "ringing" state: Incoming call from Participant D is picked up, C and D are now in the call (call with Participant A is still on hold).
      1. Press of transfer key or hang up key: held Participant A is connected to target user C .

Whether subscriber A is connected to user C or subscriber D thus depends on whether user C - to whom the connection should be made - was available or had an incoming call himself, which in this case was picked up.


Before the transfer, check whether the target party is available and not in the "Ringing" or "Busy" state. This is indicated by the display of the BLF button.
Before you finally connect the call by hanging up or pressing the transfer key again, check whether you have been connected to user C or have called subscriber D (only possible for transfer with consultation; not possible for blind transfer).