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Turn your STARFACE into a DHCP server

 Assign static IP addresses to certain devices (Reservations) 
 Configuration of DHCP options
 Data protection and function preservation: Fluxpunkt modules "do not phone home" and are not dependent on the function/availability of external license servers.

Fluxpunkt DHCP Server for STARFACE transforms your STARFACE PBX into a DHCP server for your telephony subnet and supports you in the consistent separation of data and voice networks.
The DHCP server module allows you to configure DHCP options (e.g. for the provisioning of telephones) and to reserve IP addresses for specific devices.


  • Complete: Configuration of static IP addresses using MAC addresses and configuration of DHCP options
  • Investment protection: no dependence on external services/license servers
  • Economic: Purchase once per server. No software maintenance or running costs!



Please have a look at the page "Support / FAQ" in the menu bar above. We have summarized frequently asked questions and answers for you:

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